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Virtex-5 LX FPGA ML501 Evaluation Platform

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ML501 is a feature-rich and low-cost evaluation/development platform which provides easy and practical access to resources available in the on-board Virtex®-5 LX50 FPGA device. Supported by industry standard interfaces and connectors, ML501 is a versatile development platform for multiple applications. The video, audio, and communication ports along with generous memory resources extend the functionality and flexibility of the ML501 beyond a typical FPGA development platform.

For Japan Customers Only,
please order part number: HW-V5-ML501-UNI-G-J

What's Included

  • ML501 Platform
  • DVI adapter
  • CompactFlash Card
  • Development tools and PC download cable are not included and must be ordered separately

Key Features

  • XC5VLX50FFG676
  • DDR2 SODIMM (256 MB)
  • ZBT SRAM (1 MB)
  • Linear Flash (32 MB)
  • System ACE™ CF technology (Compact Flash)
  • Platform Flash
  • SPI Flash
  • JTAG programming interface
  • External clocking (2 differential pairs)
  • USB (2) - host and peripheral
  • PS/2 (2) - keyboard, mouse
  • RJ-45 - 10/100 Networking
  • RS-232 (male) - serial port
  • Audio In (2) - line, microphone
  • Audio Out (2) - line, amp, SPDIF, piezo speaker
  • Video (DVI/VGA) Output
  • Single-ended and differential I/O expansion
  • GPIO DIP switch (8)
  • GPIO LEDs (8)
  • GPIO push buttons (5)
  • EU-RoHS compliant

Targeted Applications

  • Markets: Industrial, Telecom / Datacom, Medical, Military / Aerospace
  • Applications: Data Transmission and Manipulation, Digital Video, Embedded Microprocessor, Bus Interface, High Speed Design

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